White Hat Hacker
White Hat Hacker

HCWA Domains

Security Certifications 

The CWA Exam is comprised of a knowledge base on fourteen (14) domains. These domains  and their weighting are;

                        1. The Role of The White Hat Hacker (3%)

                        2. IT Fundamentals (10%)

                        3. Passive Reconnaissance (8%)

                        4. Active Reconnaissance and Port Scanning (10%)

                        5. Social Engineering (5%)

                        6. Metasploit Basics (7%)

                        7. Password Cracking Basics (10%)

                        8. Crytography Basics (5%)

                        9. Sniffing (5%)

                        10. Vulnerability Scanning (7%)

                        11. Snort Basics (5%)

                        12. SQL Injection (5%)

                        13. Wireless Hacking (10%)

                        14. Basic Web App Hacking (10%)

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Certified WhiteHat Associate (CWA)
Certified WhiteHat Professional (CWP)
Certified WhiteHat Engineer (CWE)
This is our professional level hacking/pentesting certification for seasoned professionals. This certification requires not only passing a vigorous online exam, but also exploit a relatively secure system
This is the entry point to hacking/pentesting certifications. 
This certification requires that you pass a 100 question online exam.
This is the intermediate level hacking/pentesting certification. One must pass both a written exam and then hack a vulmerable system to be certified.
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